Maybe We Should Withdraw From The U.N.

Nov 2017
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For its biased America bashing and ineffectiveness. :smug:

I mean, if we were a bad place, the illegals would stop and STAY in Mexico, rather than going through all the trouble and dangers of trying to weasel in to the U.S. - hello?!

A recent United Nations report blasting President Trump and America in general for harboring “contempt” and “hatred for the poor” is based on highly inaccurate data that can’t easily be used to compare the U.S. to other nations.

The U.N. report’s main contentions read like an attack on the Trump administration by the Democratic Party: America has 40 million poor people, including 18.5 million who live in extreme poverty; U.S. policies regarding the poor are “cruel and inhuman;” the Trump tax cuts aren’t working and will worsen inequality; and the U.S. needs to spend less on defense of our nation and more on social programs.

UN poverty report blasting Trump, US for ?hatred for the poor? uses data from last year of Obama?s presidency | Fox News

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Oct 2012
it has become a corrupt joke. the leftist zombie virus has infected many of its members, so I say lets get out.

only Trump would have the balls to give the pushback to them that they are getting. And Nikki Haley is doing great in her role there.

I can see her as the 1st female president. :inlove:
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