Minimum wage.

Dec 2018
Tempe, AZ
PaulSmith69, I googled “artificial economy”. its an “abstract” model of an economy used for analyzing and to understand how populations and markets behave. You believe that analyzing to learn is undesirable? Respectfully, Supposn
An artificial economy is a model, an abstraction of reality. The simplest forms have two agents with "wants", at least one scarce production factor, more than one scarce commodity or service, a basis for exchange (rudimentary institutions) and some level of inequality.
or refer to
Would you feel better with "controlled economy"? :rolleyes:
Aug 2010
Cliffside Park, NJ
Would you feel better with "controlled economy"?
PaulSmith69, there are different degrees of governing regulations from the extremes of fascism to complete lack of governing, (i.e. anarchy). Do you prefer a government with no law and order, or just government laws and regulations that do not apply to you or conflict with your personal preferences?

Were discussing a wide spectrum of governing systems. I suppose neither one of us are advocating the extreme positions?
Respectfully, Supposn
Jan 2020
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PaulSmith69 said: “Minimum wages ADD to poverty, same as welfare does, rather than lifting people out of poverty.
NO incentive to get off one's lazy ass and improve one's self is a bad idea".
You're assuming that the problem is laziness, but there's no evidence for that.

Think about your recommended solution, which is to provide "incentive" to "improve one's self". If a person has no interest in improving themselves, "incentives" won't help. If a person DOES have an interest in improving themselves, they don't need an "incentive".

Secondly, suppose you succeed in forcing a "lazy person" to either work or starve. How do you suppose he will perform on the job?

Your "solution" is part of the problem.