Ministerial Dude Struck By Lightning After Sermon

Nov 2017
FL Treasure Coast & South Central FL
The gods must not have like his spiel!

JASPER, Ala. —
Lightning has struck a pastor in Alabama following church service.

WBMA-TV reports that Walker County dispatchers sent the Argo Area Volunteer Fire Department to the Argo Church of God Sunday afternoon. Firefighters discovered Pastor Ricky Adams had been hit by an indirect lightning strike.

The pastor said he went to lock the church’s front door and was holding it when the lightning struck nearby and shocked him.

Fire Chief Terry Pickett said the pastor was alert and talking when first responders arrived. Pickett said he has been in fire service for nearly 30 years and had never been called out for a lightning strike.

He said Adams didn’t suffer any major injuries and didn’t need to be transported to a hospital.

Adams said, “the Lord had his hand on me.”