Jun 2013
1. The following are excerpts from an AFP news report dated 3 January 2019 under the headline "Trump mocks Indian PM Narendra Modi over funding for a library in Afghanistan".

(Begin excerpts)
WASHINGTON (AFP) - US President Donald Trump on Wednesday (Jan 2) mocked Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for funding a library in Afghanistan, suggesting it was of no use....

While stating that he got along with Modi, Trump said the Indian leader was "constantly telling me he built a library in Afghanistan."

"You know what that is? That's like five hours of what we spend," Trump said.

"And we're supposed to say, 'Oh, thank you for the library.' I don't know who's using it in Afghanistan," Trump said..... (End excerpts)


2. With reference to Donald Trump mocking Narendra Modi for funding a library in Afghanistan, suggesting it was of no use, I coin the term "moditrumpry" to mean "deride or criticise someone or something (as, for, etc) by a hypocrite. The following are examples of the use of the new term:

(a) Although Trump has slapped steep tariffs on billions of dollars' worth of goods from major trading partners, he moditrumpried India as a "tariff king".

(b) Although his wall has been derided as just one big joke or a political circus, Trump moditrumpried Modi's library funding in Afghanistan as a useless project.

(c) Tom is moditrumprying for smoking by his nicotine-addicted parents every day.

(d) Despite having bankrupting four companies prior to his presidency, the new president moditrumpried his predecessor for failing to improve the economy.

(e) Although he was notorious for playing truant during his school days, Robert moditrumpries his own children for their mediocre performance in school and demands them to write pages of composition as punishment.