Mohammed Nazir Jebeili Gar Soap Aleppo, Freemason Sweden Terrorism Jews Mafia alQaeda

Sep 2013
Ladies and gentlemen,

Mohammed Nazir Jebeili Masonic sweden terrorism freemason islam Sweden with Prodi Prada Berlusconi to serve dirty terrorists vatican and terrorist art of jean claude monet by barclyes

Beginning that my uncle mohammed nazir jebeili which manufacure gar soap in Aleppo, Syria under the name of Mohamed Sobhi jebeili a terrorism soap based Christians to destroy Islam with Turkey terrorist despicable nation and people of culture.

This with Ghassan tabbach the well know interest rates trader in aleppo connect Soros and Italy terrorists of Jews interests rates from florence. Ghassan tabbach benefits from mousad and Jewish lobby are the Shin Bet Israeli and have contacts with the freemason Italy to destroy people with terrorists Mason Islam like Walid bin Talal , France gov of Sarkozy alliance for his son and financial money laundry of this person.

The issues of international terrorism against me from the scourge of terrorist Rami Makhlouf and the city Qardahah in partnership with the countries of the European Union, and in particular countries mafia European dealers drug with Rami Makhlouf, al-Qaeda and the Emir of Qatar Almid monster who washes the money, the states mafias are scum terrorist Italy known as the Mafia in the south , which the sharing of criminal Rami Makhlouf regulate the sale of drugs in addition to state terrorism, France , which manages drug politically with its ally Romania , which activates the Makhlouf and Spain.
It was noted that the Mossad and Italy practiced with Germany, all kinds of torture with the terrorists of the State Security branch in Aleppo reached their subject with adulterous wife uncle Mohammed Nazir

jebeili and terrorist Zionist Ouati Ghassan tabbach that his sister represents the wife of Israeli Ishak Rabin in Syria and especially her daughter, Noor representing them Jewish lobby/.

Those was able to kill hafiz alassad in 2 minutes to not study via Tabbach which was doctor of hafiz alassad for UK Queen and Vatican and to make assad president and later to fear him and all this to not study, assad was killed in very easy way and all this services to Jews lobby in syria like caston banna which look to export to saudi terrorist products to control nation with saudi king.

All this terrorism Freemason because my uncle wanted me to work with him or not to do I Porth money grandfather him because I am entitled to it because no children boys with him and Islam terms alloe you 22% of his wealth due to this point.

and my uncle is useful crusade that aspiration with Germany for fraud and raise money with the Francophone and Catholic terrorist attacks such as the case of Mustafa Class .

As he has been through and the Syrian Ministry of Defense for Russian weapons exercise terrorism against me ,

please resolve my problems arise in finance and eduation and finance and money and social and mousad problems, please also see Sugar family which trade eletric terrorism base in aleppo syria and the terrorism case on malek sabsabi.

Mohammed Nazir Jebeili Masonic sweden freemason islam, Zionist Aleppo syria Gar soap industry for terrorists