Moms Of Jailed American Hikers Return From Iran -- Without Their Kids

May 2010
Iran should release these individuals asap. They are already several months behind schedule - they should have already hiked in Afghanistan, the tribal regions of Pakistan, Gaza, the Favelas in Brazil and then final destination is the summit of Eyjafjallajokull.

NEW YORK — The mothers of three Americans jailed in Iran returned to the United States on Saturday, pained to leave their children behind yet heartened to find they're being treated well and are "in reasonable health."
At a brief news conference at John F. Kennedy International Airport shortly after they returned to New York, Cindy Hickey thanked the Iranians for allowing the women to see the three and said they were disappointed they could not return with their children.
"The pain is almost more than we can bear," Hickey said, but "we will forever savor the precious moments we were able to spend with our children."
She that the mothers "hope and pray that the Iranian authorities will now find it in their hearts to resolve our children's case and release them without further delay."
Hickey and Nora Shourd left the airport terminal holding hands in support of each other, while the third woman, Laura Fattal, walked arm-in-arm with her son.
The women had a "very emotional goodbye" to the children they had to leave behind in Tehran, the brother of one captive told The Associated Press.
"They're managing to cope with an extremely difficult situation," said Alex Fattal, brother of Josh Fattal.
The detained Americans – Sarah Shourd, 31; her boyfriend, Shane Bauer, 27; and their friend Josh Fattal, 27 – have been held in Iran since July, when they were arrested along the Iraqi border. Iran has accused them of espionage; their families say that the three were hiking in Iraq's largely peaceful mountainous northern Kurdish region and that if they crossed the border, it was accidental.
The mothers – Shourd, of Oakland, Calif.; Hickey, of Pine City, Minn.; and Fattal, of suburban Philadelphia – returned from Dubai Saturday afternoon, but provided few details of their trip.