Mueller Is Coming for Trump

Oct 2012
The COST of the phantom investigation has been $17,000,000 to the taxpayers so far. :(
the problem is Mueller and team must feel compelled to find a crime (any crime will do) to justify the amount spent on this boondoggle. they are fishing for a crime now instead of investigating one.
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Nov 2017
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I tire of repeating the obvious and knowing certain individuals lack the intellectual capability to comprehend basic fact. An investigation is a process that takes time to be completed. Particularly complex investigations take more time as they follow leads that expand research. Clinton was investigated for 15 months and the leads led from white water to a blowjob and ended with perjury and impeachment.
The Trump investigation is less than two months old and just recently got a true prosecutor....this 7 month talking point is quite simply inaccurate and rather foolish.
Obviously, investigation will FINALLY end with Trump & Trump officials 100% in the clear. :cool:

So numan was DEAD WRONG! :giggle:
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