My Daily Blog - 6/11/19 - "Expired Introductory Rates"

Dec 2018
Tempe, AZ
Whatever you do, DO NOT stand for an "introductory rate" expiring, when your rate goes through the roof on stuff like cable TV and/or internet service!

Recently watched an episode of "Hack My Life" on TruTV whereby the describe how to FIGHT a whopping cost increase with an awesome hack method. You simply convince the company you cannot afford ANY price increase, and you would DISCONNECT service (and maybe switch to a competitor) rather than pay a price increase.

A Producer on the show spent over an hour on the phone with customer service, hemming & hawing to actually get a BETTER deal than the original "Introductory Rate"! :cool:

I've done a very similar thing recently, even before watching the show; my rate (w/o notice) went from a little over $100 for U-verse TV and high speed internet to $180!!! Only noticed it on my credit card statement. I hemmed & hawed, threatening to DISCONNECT service, and ending up paying the same as "introductory offer", but got HIGHER speed internet. :D

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