My Daily Blog - 7/30-19 - "Modern Ways Aren't That Great"

Dec 2018
Tempe, AZ
For many, many years, I mailed in our tax returns - no problems. The other day I got a letter from IRS saying they didn't get our tax return for 2016. So I called them up. After putting me on hold to check on it, the friendly gentleman came back on the line & informed me they didn't get our 2015 or our 2016 either!!! :eek: I said I filed electronically and assumed they got them, and I had no idea what happened. He basically said it wasn't that big of a deal, but I needed to send copies within one month from that date. I did 2015 & 2016 using H & R Block FREE online service. For 2017 I used FREE service. So I called H & R Block online people. They checked & had no idea why they were not sent. :confused: But they let me get otherwise $9.00 copies of the old returns.

On another issue, I ordered four (4) items online recently. One of them, an auto part was delayed in shipping, and in the meantime I traded in vehicle for another. For the other three, two of them were completely the wrong parts for my vehicle; were for some other vehicles. :rolleyes: The 4th item was an "unlocked" electronic vehicle key was was "supposed to" be programmable to my vehicle - it was not. :mad:

The OLD ways of doing things (i.e. w/o internet) were definitely more reliable.