my political film on Fascism today

May 2013
Hello everyone , my name is Diego Menendez musician and filmmaker(on the web with s) and i am coming from city of center of
Europe called Ljubljana.I will off course join you also in others debates, ', but now I wanna show you a trailer for a film I made.
I made this film about the ideas of left and right, I show my city in different times from Capitalism, Fascism and Communism,
from different totalitarian times, it also shows the short view of European national, ethnic, racial, and religious conflicts.
You have left wing and right wing people, well I am not any of these, and this film tries to show you that political identification
is always developing on your life experience's conditions. Movie title is "We Are All Ljubljana/Laibach" (the name used by Nazis and Fascists), so in this time of crisis it seems that all totalitarian ideas are coming back very dangerously, check the trailer i hope you like it and maybe we can discuss something about it or something else .
Oct 2012
Louisville, Ky
I would suggest you edit to allow the text to stay on screen for more than one second, I decided to stop watching it halfway through primarily because it seemed jumbled and what information I could gain from the text was extremely limited do to the brief nature of it's display.

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