Nevada ruled from the grave

Jun 2013
1. The following are excerpts from Business Insider's November 7, 2018 article headlined "A Nevada pimp who said he’s just like Trump won a state election even though he died 3 weeks ago".

(Begin excerpts)
A pimp who was inspired by Donald Trump to get involved in politics has been elected to Nevada’s state assembly even though he died three weeks ago.

Dennis Hof, a reality-television star and pimp who owned several brothels, had been running for Nevada’s state legislature when he was found dead on October 16, two days after this 72nd birthday....

By that time, it was too late to take his name off the ballot. Republicans in the state urged voters to cast their ballot for him anyway to keep the seat from the Democrats. Under state law, if a candidate who has died is elected, someone from the same party is appointed by local officials to fill the seat....

Hof called himself “The Trump of Pahrump,” after his town in Nevada, and beat a three-term incumbent Republican in June’s primary.

He told BuzzFeed in November that he thought support for him mirrored the continued support for Trump after the emergence of the “Access Hollywood” tape.

He said: “Women were like, ‘Yeah, we won’t vote for him.’ Till they got behind the f–king ballot box and nobody’s looking – boop, ‘I want a man. I don’t give a shit how many p—sies he grabs, I want a man that’ll make things happen'”

“And the same thing with me.”....

He faced multiple accusations of sexual assault, and these were under investigation when he died, according to BuzzFeed. (End excerpts)

2. Dennis Hof often referred to himself as “the Trump of Pahrump,” a nickname that he said Roger Stone, an adviser to then-candidate Donald Trump and an early supporter of Hof, had come up with.

Donald Trump is infamous for giving defamatory nicknames to others such as Little Marco, Crooked Hillary and Sloppy Stephen. The late brothel owner’s nickname was definitely not music to the ears of "blame king" Trump. Neither were Hof's apparent "flattering remarks". :)

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