Not Just A Win, But Likely A Trump 2020 LANDSLIDE

Dec 2018
Tempe, AZ


* The stock market. It stood at 18,000 and change when Donald Trump was elected President. It closed yesterday a few points shy of 26,000.

* Economic growth. Last year, the US economy grew at a faster rate than anytime since 2005. The White House put it at 3.1 percent, other sources say 2.9 percent. However you slice it, the US economy is on fire.

* Unemployment is at generational lows. Black and Hispanic and Asian unemployment are at historic lows. Not only that, the employment in question has seen significant wage increases for the first time in decades. Blue collar jobs are better paid now than they have been.

* Lower taxes because of the cleverly designed tax cuts.

* Judicial appointments. There have been scores of federal judges and two Supreme Court Justices confirmed, all, as the president promised, of a Scalia stamp, that is of ‘constitutionalist’ persuasion.

* The president’s long-running fight against illegal immigration, part of which involves building a wall to secure our southern border. This is an endeavor that has great symbolic as well as practical value.

* Israel, our moving our Embassy there to Jerusalem (a move that more and more countries are making because of our example) and, just recently our recognition of Israel’s legal control of the Golan Heights.

* The president’s careful resuscitation of our military and other elements of our national security, such as his recently announced determination to guard against the effects of an EMP attack, which could cripple the country.

* President Trump’s overtures to North Korea, and his determination to stand up to China, are risky but also necessary. The public sees that.

Why Donald Trump will win in 2020 | Spectator USA

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