Obama said on America........

Jan 15, 2009
The great judge for America.
Obama said that he just wants save Americans first to get Laden is not Important more than.
US Media is shocked.......
Jan 14, 2009
Yes its shocking to hear that...
and this thought has been highlighted quite a lot in the media too.
But i think Obama is right to a certain extent because the first task of a President is to ensure security of his country's citizens and all the other issues are secondary.
I think Obama is hitting the right path.
I think that his idea is right. As long as there is no immediate threat then I think that it is right of him to focus on the nation and it's people first. He has to remember that he has to take care of the people because they are the ones that elected him to start with.
Jan 17, 2009
I'm not shocked, he's the change that we've all been waiting for. For all we know, Bin Laden can be dead, and he should be the least of our worries.. IMO, the financial crisis and global warming would be the main concerns for a president at the moment.. and I respect his well thought out decision. Bin Laden = attention seeker, and he's not giving him any!
Jan 16, 2009
Manchester [UK]
As above I'm far from surprised Obama isn't exactly going to pick up right away in Mr Bush's footsteps is he?

Bush is hated and it would be a stupid idea for Obama to come on the scene and pick up Bush's agenda.

As you can see from the world media and just on these forums the greater issues he needs to be concentrating on right now is the USA economy.

It's scary it's happening all over the world the UK is in such a crisis at the moment the only country that seems to be living the high life is China lol.
Jan 17, 2009
Yeah, I think we can conclude that no one cares about Bin Laden right now, as he is of no attention compared to the world's crisis in financial management. No one knows if he's dead or not right now, we have no proof he's alive so spending more money trying to find him will be a waste anyways. I mean what are we going to do even if we find him? Hang him just like what we did to Saddam Hussein? Does 2 wrongs make a right? Yes, maybe in math, but real life is far more complicated in math, which is one of the reasons I believe in God. Science isn't everything. Anyways I'm getting off-topic but yeah, Bin Laden doesn't deserve any attention whatsoever.
Jan 17, 2009
Bin Laden is just one man, just like Hussein.

Those leaders could and will be killed, but the evil concept behind them lives on. Right now the United States should be focusing on getting it's economy back in shape and preparing the youth for the future. It's sad to see those drug and gang infested neighborhoods, those things all contribute to the overall problem as well. It's not just about the big shots making some stupid decisions.
Jan 17, 2009
First of all he wants to save america from what? Americans are not the ones who are dying it is iraqi people who are in need to be saved from americans and about laden not being important well all i can say is that GRAPES ARE SOUR.Obama does not have a magic stick in his hands but if he thinks that he can cure all the problems of americans then best of luck to him.

The Parakeet

Retired Moderator
Jan 19, 2009
The statement really makes sense from an realistic view of world politics. I don't think Osama has had a finger on the planning processes for a long time. He's basically just there to raise money and raise spirits through videos.

Killing him would be a bit of a boost for morale, but I don't think it would cause the organization to come crumbling down. One of the lieutenants would just step up and take his place. He'd also then be a martyr for the cause, so it might even backfire on us.

The military already has a number of plans in place for that anyway. The president's primary goal should be fixing the economy and lighting a fire underneath's the Congress' collective butts.

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