Obama's Nuclear Speech

Mar 2009
What do you think of Obama's Nuclear Speech in Prague? I was worried by it. I felt that possibly there was too much detail in it that should have been worked through in the United States as a national policy first. Right down to the hosting of a Nuclear Summit. Surely that is news that should be for Americans first, people in Europe second? He was actually discussing nuclear policy and I was wondering how the US top brass in the military, foreign office staff and intelligence agencies who have close-knit relationships with their equivalents in Europe must have felt to have all of that trotted out in a very public and foreign venue? I also thought he went completely overboard about Iran. To the extent that Iran could easily have interpreted it as belligerent, prescriptive, discourteous and intrusive, especially since the statements were made on European soil. Just too much detail as well that can so easily be misinterpreted by an Islamic country. The less said, the soonest mended. Think he could easily have said much less and still have had the same impact. Just have a feeling that he may have alienated of his support in the military and Foreign Office in the United States. Also wonder how Hillary would have felt about this.
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