occupy movement ~ obama brainchild

Oct 2012
yeah. so here it is...

Obama and team set the ball rolling to initiate the occupy movement.


it is a movement designed at class warfare 1% have most of the wealth, 99% don't...boohoo. this fits perfectly with obama's tax agenda of "everyone contributing their fair share".

it also has the benefit of distracting form the tea-party movement. i.e. instead of people being mad at big government, lets have the sheep be mad at those who make more money than they do, thus appealing to the lowest denominator of human beings....greed.

look at the timeline.

tea-party came first...on its heels, the occupy movement. offer free-hippy love, incorporate the homeless (who would be on the street anyway), a celebrity endorsement or two...its too easy.
Oct 2012
Louisville, Ky
McCain began the gas price increases in 1010 knowing he would lose in 2012 and expecting them to damage the Muslim, kenyan bastard that defeated him. Sarah, helped him by blowing the Saudi King two weeks before appearing on the Katy Coric show...and is was Arabian seamen than confused her.
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Feb 2013
just past the moons of Jupiter
Aside from being a complete failure that simply dottered off into non existence, and a convenient place to rape and rob college students. The occupy movement would be something I wouldn't want my name on.

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