One Less Illegal Alien in U. S., thank God!

Dec 2018
Mechanicsville, VA
I am sick of hearing complaints about how our authorities are dealing with the deaths of those who have illegally entered our country. We have no right to be concerned. After all they knew the risks of or brining illness into this country along with the other dangers associated with such a trip.

Personally I’m very happy when I hear another one has passed away—GOOD RIDDANCE! Another one we don’t have to feed, provide shelter or render any further assistance.

I am sick of all our tax money going to support their criminal activity costing us billions and continuously running up our national debt.

You know people they have no rights here except humane treatment while awaiting deportation and nothing else.

I HATE WITH ALL THE HATE I CAN MUSTER UP the murdering, raping and stealing our government benefits these worthless illegal alien terrorist criminals are doing and I demand all of them regardless of age or circumstance, including the spoiled brat Dreamers be IMMEDIATELY deported.

Anything to get them out and out NOW, even if it means signing their death warrant by stopping all health care.

My hate is a RIGHTEOUS AND JUSTIFIABLE HATE, a HATE for wrongdoing, violation of God’s commandments and no respect for either God’s laws or ours. God also HATES and He most certainly HATES the wrongdoing and abominations we commit daily. And God also gets Angry through Jesus taking a whip to drive the money changers out of the temple and destroying by fire and brimstone those places that don’t repent of those abominations. Sodom and Gomorrah sound familiar?

I also HATE with avengeance the actions of those in this country, encouraging and wanting them here, particularly those in Congress who by the way are felons for aiding and abetting them. Look up our immigration laws on that one.

Oh yes, people there is a time to HATE and with all the lawlessness now going on we must not only HATE it but put that HATE into action by totally securing our borders, building that wall and reforming our immigration laws to insure no one enters except by doing so legally.

So while you dummies get out of joint with the that recent and JUSTIFIABLE death of that low life illegal alien terrorist criminal, I will be rejoicing and dancing for joy that there is now one more less of that putrid and rotten caravan crowd which seeks to destroy America through murder, rape, thievery and overpopulation