Other Message Boards You Visit And/Or Post At; Currently Or Formerly Thread

Nov 2017
FL Treasure Coast & South Central FL
Include the VERY 1ST one you've visited/joined & message boards you actually run and/or have started.

This thread should be quite interesting, should it get adequate participation. :cool:

I'll have a go at it:

My very 1st message board was the TDI Club, which I joined early in 1998, after getting a wonderful 1998 VW Jetta TDI. Was arcturus88's 1st message board too (as far as I know).

After that (in no particular order):

* A Kawasaki Voyager XII MB

* A BMW motorcycle MB

* A BMW car MB

* A Smart car MB

* A Polaris Slingshot MB

* A Jetski (actually PWC) MB

* A Piaggio scooter/motorcycle MB

And the one I started (come join!): http://officialbanterforum.freeforums.net/

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