Palin uses Hoffa incident to reach out to union rank & file

Aug 2011

Welcome, Union Brothers and Sisters
by Sarah Palin

In my speech on Saturday in Iowa, I said: ?Between bailouts for Wall Street cronies and stimulus projects for union bosses? security and ?green energy? giveaways, [Barack Obama] took care of his friends. And now they?re on course to raise a billion dollars for his re-election bid so that they can do it all over again.? This was shamefully on display yesterday at President Obama?s taxpayer-funded campaign rally in Detroit. In introducing the President, Teamsters President James Hoffa represented precisely what I was talking about as he declared war on concerned independent Americans and on the freshman members we sent to Congress last November by saying, ?Let?s take these son-of-a-bitches out!?

What I say now, I say as a proud former union member and the wife, daughter, and sister of union members. So, as a former card-carrying IBEW sister married to a proud former Laborers, IBEW, and later USW member, please hear me out. What I have to say is for the hard working, patriotic, selfless union brothers and sisters in Michigan and throughout our country: Please don?t be taken in by union bosses? thuggery like Jim Hoffa represented yesterday. Union bosses like this do not have your best interests at heart. What they care about is their own power and re-electing their friend Barack Obama so he will take care of them to the detriment of everyone else.

To the same degree Americans are concerned about irresponsible, greedy corporate execs who got cushy bonuses from taxpayer-funded bailouts, we should also be concerned about greedy union bosses who are willing to tank our economy just to protect their own power. As union history shows, power and greed corrupt. Just because you claim to represent union members doesn?t mean you are on the side of the angels. The greed of too many of these union bosses has all but destroyed the labor movement in this country, helped chase away our jobs, and is killing the American dream................<SNIP>
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