Police nab 17 students, including 4 football players, in TCU drug sting

Dec 2011
Marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and prescription pills were the drugs being sold to undercover officers during the sting. Four of those arrested were players on the prominent football team.

FORT WORTH, Texas – Authorities arrested 17 students at Texas Christian University on Wednesday as part of a six-month drug sting, an especially embarrassing blow to the school because it included four members of the high-profile football team.

Arrest warrants painted a startling picture of the Horned Frogs, with a handful of players who allegedly arranged marijuana sales after class or around practice and who told police that most of the team had failed a surprise drug test just two weeks ago.

According to police, players sold undercover officers marijuana during the season and as recently as last week.

Jan 2012
The most fantastic about this is that Fox News bothers to write an article about it. The above mentioned drugs are so common in today's society, both in the UK and the US, it shouldn't be a surprise when people are caught using them.

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