President Obama said “tax deduction” and “manufacturing”.

Aug 2010
Cliffside Park, NJ
President Obama said “tax deduction” and “manufacturing”.

The president Obama has alluded to a tax reduction favoring manufacturing.

I can’t comment explicitly upon a proposal that has yet to be published, but I can address the two terms “tax deduction” and “manufacturing”.

With regard to a stimulus tax reduction, too often tax bills drafted to accomplish other than financial purposes fail to accomplish their goals or they succeed at unjustifiable expense.
We would limit a tax stimulus to manufacturing if its method’s only suitable to manufacturing or if its cost/benefit is questionable.

I’m a proponent of a proposal to reduce USA’s trade deficit of goods that was first introduced to the Senate in 2006. The proposal does not discriminate between manufacturing, agriculture, ranching or any other industries’ products; but I believe the market driven proposal will better favor manufacturing).

This proposal’s self funding. Its entire cost is borne by U.S. purchasers of foreign goods. It doesn’t require government spending; it requires congress and the president to actually rather than appearing to be striving for opur economic improvement.

Refer to:
The topic “Reduce the trade deficit; increase GDP & median wage”;
or Google: wikipedia, import certificates.

Respectfully, Supposn