Psychiatrist: Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Real – And Serious!

Dec 2018
Tempe, AZ

Like past versions (Bush Derangement Syndrome, for example), the TDS is notable for its intense subjective distress. Persons suffering from a TDS experience high levels of agitation and fear about their own safety and about future prospects for a good life. The sufferer may also fear more broadly for the survival of whole nations and even for life on our planet. In fact, it is not unusual for a patient with a Trump Derangement Syndrome to predict apocalyptic events in the near future. These expected disasters are attributed to the predicted actions of Donald Trump in his role as president of the United States. In that role he is seen as an especially destructive individual bent on wreaking havoc on a highly vulnerable world.

Jun 2013
I'm far from having an obsession about worrying with every little thing our fine President does. You on the other hand, DO! :rolleyes: Therefore your have a full blown incurable case! :eek:
My great friend, the proof is in your face. You have suddenly grown old and apparently blind overnight due to TDS. :)

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