raise the minimum wage! (to kill jobs)

Oct 2012
Hike in minimum wage prompts more closings of San Francisco restaurants

On and on the dems and socialists want to increase minimum wage. Its a fantastic ideal and wins votes from the millennial generation. But witness the results.

money is not free and it does not magically appear. it has to be earned.

when you raise wages, that has to come from somewhere. A small business must hire fewer people or pass on the cost to a customer and risk going under because their customer base may go to a bigger company that can absorb. the cost.

San Francisco's higher minimum wage is causing an increasing number of restaurants to go out of business even before it is fully phased in, a new study by the Harvard Business School found.
The closings were concentrated among struggling, lower-rated restaurants. The higher minimum also caused fewer new restaurants to open, it found.