Remainder of bailout funds released

Jan 2013

WASHINGTON ? The Senate on Thursday voted to release the remaining $350 billion of a historic $700 billion financial rescue law, despite objections from Republicans who called the law a failure.

Senators voted 52-42 against blocking the money. Thirty-three Republicans opposed the aid, along with eight Democrats and one Independent. The vote was a victory for President-elect Barack Obama, who personally lobbied senators for the funds.
Well, there you have it everybody. The bailout money which has never actually helped us is being used yet again. Polls are overwhelmingly against the bailout and people even know it failed.
Jan 2009
I imagine it was done just so that it looks like something was being done about it, and so that the big shots can pocket in some money while they still can. The employees will be screwed as well as the general public once the bailout backfires, although if it does work it will indeed be a positive shocker.
Jan 2009
yeah, I think that they used it as a last resort to show people that they were/are trying to do something to help but I really don't think it will have any effect at all or a very little one.