Rex Tillerson, Secretary of ..... errmmm?

Aug 2017
Medway Towns, Kent
A question. Bearing in mind that there are a number of issues on the table at the moment...
1) North Korea...bit of a problem with missiles and realistic diplomatic solution on the table also why is there no South Korean Ambassador? China has told him to bugger off and sort his own mess out which is a bit of a major snub.
2) Middle East... GCC is in the throes of putting the screws on one of the US's main military support countries in the region despite all the earlier bluster from the boss when he visited Saudi!!
3) Trade agreements and missions being rubbished and threatened by the boss. A basic withdrawl from international agreements leading to doubt and confusion with the international community.
4) Back to the middle east... who's in charge of policy Kushner or Tillerson?
5) numerous appointments not made??
6) US Diplomats seeking advice and guidance not having calls returned and having to go to alternatives.

What is Tillerson up to or I guess more to the point is he/Trump/Kushner up to the job?

Thoughts.... if you actually accept the premise of the point? Bearing in mind a recent report by Insigniam which said...

State Department employees indicated to Insigniam that they are concerned both about the Trump administration and about Mr. Tillerson’s leadership.
“People question if these two groups understand the role the Department of State plays in forwarding the interests of the United States in the world,” the report says.

One respondent quoted in the report said: “I am concerned that the dramatic reduction in budget, paired with extended staffing gaps at the most senior level, will result in the loss of not only an exceptionally talented group of people from our ranks, but will hamper our impact to fulfill our mission for decades to come.”
I'm sure he's got a good nose for oil though...

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