RFK was assassinated by security guard Gene Cesar

Oct 2010
Eugene Thane Cesar: Did he do it? - Page 2 - Robert Kennedy - The Education Forum

BRENT:I’m talking to Don Schulman. Don can you give us a half-way decent report of what happened within all this chaos?

SCHULMAN;OK I was ..a…standing behind…a…Kennedy as he was taking his assigned route into the kitchen. A Caucasian gentleman stepped out and fired three times. The security guard hit Kennedy all three times. Mr. Kennedy slumped to the floor…they carried him away…the security guards fired back…As I saw…they shot the ….a…man who shot Kennedy…in the leg….he…a before they could get him he shot a ….it looked to me…he shot a woman…and he shot two other men.They then proceeded to carry Kennedy into the kitchen and …I don’t know how his condition is now.

BRENT: Was he grazed or did it appear to be a direct hit? Was it very serious from what you saw?

SCHULMAN:Well…from what I saw…it looked…fairly serious.He had …he was definitely hit three times.Things happened so quickly that…that…there was another eyewitness standing next to me and she is in shock now and very fuzzy…as I am…because it happened so quickly.

BRENT:Right.I was about six people behind the Senator, I heard six or seven shots in succession…Now…is this the security guard firing back?

SCHULMAN:Yes…a…the man who stepped out fired three times at Kennedy..hit him all three times….and the security guard then fired back….hitting…

BRENT: Right.

SCHULMAN:Hitting him, and he is in apprehension.
Oct 2010
http://rense.com/general91/sirhan.htm By Stephen Lendman 6-25-10

"They made me believe I had murdered Robert Kennedy in cold blood and I was remorseful and ashamed. Everyone said I was guilty. They said I would get the death penalty....no matter what I said or did. They said it was an open and shut case and that I might as well give up. I just wanted to get the whole thing over with and if it meant me being dead, so be it. I didn't have anything left to live for anyway."

A trial followed, Sirhan represented by attorney Grant Cooper, a man he called "crooked. He had mafia and CIA connections," Sirhan explaining what he knew and his mob involvement. "He was (picked) to make sure I was convicted and sent to my death, and Cooper complied because they were planning to kill him" otherwise.

Reynolds asked him to portray what he remembered doing at the Ambassador Hotel. Sirhan stood up, swayed, his arms gently rising, looked straight ahead, then made a gun shape with his right hand, his arm parallel to the ground pretending to shoot, saying:

"At a specific moment, and I can't remember when or why, I shot my 22 caliber pistol three times. My arms were unsteady but level with the ground. Two of the shots missed. I saw them miss. One of the shots may have bounced off him like a BB. All of a sudden people were grabbing me. They were forcing me down....Did anybody say I reached around behind and shot Robert Kennedy in the back of the head?"

Reynolds: "Nobody."

Sirhan: "But that's what I would've had to do" to kill him....So, what do you think of me now? Do you think I am crazy like they say?"

Not at all, said Reynolds, Sirhan adding "I am just a man. I am a man just like you. I am trained never to allow an inmate to touch me."

In parting, he embraced Reynolds, both of them now "secret friends in a desolate place."