Rising homelessness in a "booming" US economy

Dec 2018
Tempe, AZ
My great friend, wait till you join an increasing number of Americans to live like a nomad in a car. :cool:
How would that be possible? For the last 6 years (3 of them under Obama to boot!) since retiring, my investment account + 401K have GROWN quite a bit, even though some cash has been regularly been taken out. Plus, I live fairly frugally, get the best deals on stuff (on sale, etc.) and buy basic items, even though I can easily afford the most expensive make/model.

BTW: It is TOTAL fake news that there is a "growing number". The labor participation rate UP, weekly jobs added UP, unemployment rate DOWN, wages UP, and the good news list goes ON & ON!!! You should consider running, not walking away from your news source(s)!!! :D


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