Rollback of China tariffs sparks fierce opposition from some Trump advisers

Jun 2013
1. WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An agreement between the United States and China to roll back existing tariffs as part of a "phase one" trade deal faces fierce internal opposition in the White House and from outside advisers, multiple sources familiar with the talks said.

The idea of a tariff rollback was not part of the original October “handshake” deal between Chinese Vice Premier Liu He and U.S. President Donald Trump, the sources said....

2. Here I use the "Psycho" analogy for the reported fierce opposition from some current and former Trump advisers to the rollback of China tariffs in the interim Sino-US trade deal. The Psycho told his victim: "There’s nothing that I hate more than someone backtracking on a deal. The idea of a tariff rollback was not part of the original October 'handshake' deal between us."

The victim retorted: "Yes, I shake hands with you. In fact, I shake hands with everybody. But please, please don't "twist" my warm handshake into a contract. If you continue to distort the truth, I won't shake your hand again but I will bow or even kowtow to you instead. Please show the whole world any proof of our alleged deal in black and white. Stop putting words in my mouth. If you were in my shoes, would you make such a stupid deal?"

The Psycho said with a wicked smile: "I hate to see your face, my friend. You seem to grow stronger day by day despite my attempt to turn you into a dwarf. I wish to pull out all your teeth, hair, nails and other body parts. Since you are so obstinate not to go obediently to the dental chair, let us settle our differences in a step-by-step approach with an interim measure which I dub phase one."

"Please elaborate on your interim measure,” said the victim.

The Psycho replied: "We can have a duel now, but I have to tie your right hand behind your back. In other words, you can use only your left hand in the duel."

"What are the remaining phases?" asked the victim.

The Psycho replied: "I am afraid we have to go through many phases. For instance, if you are still alive after the first phase, you will have to fight against me with your hands handcuffed in phase two. If you could survive the second phase, I shall have to lock a shackle consisting of an iron band of varying weights around your right ankle besides handcuffing your hands in phase three. If you could survive the three phases, your hands and legs would be handcuffed and shackled respectively in phase four."

The victim asked the Psycho: "How can I fight against you when I am bound hand and foot?”

The Psycho replied: "I have heard from some reliable sources that you can shatter glass with your piercing voice. If you let loose an earthshaking high note during the fourth phase of our duel, my eardrums and internal organs can be shattered to pieces."

"Tell me about the fifth phase of the duel," asked the victim.

"In addition to all the previous restrictions, I shall put a gag in your mouth for the phase five of the duel," said the Psycho.

"How can I fight against you with all those restrictions?" asked the victim.

"I have heard from my men that you broke a hole in my beautiful border wall when you banged your head against it last year. Hence you can roll like a ball on the ground and try to break my leg bones with your head in the phase five of the duel," replied the Psycho.

The victim asked: "How about the phase six of the duel?"

The Psycho laughed: "Then I shall have no choice but to decapitate you for the final phase of the duel, in addition to all the previous restrictions."

"All the while, it's all talks but no actions. Let us begin the phase one of our duel now," suggested the victim.

The Psycho led his victim out of the dungeon to a garden. Standing beside a large pond, the Psycho tied his victim's right hand behind the back so that the victim could only punch with his left hand and kick with either one of his legs. In the middle of the fight, the Psycho yelled out in pain and fell into the pond, shouting “Help! Help!” after he was kicked on the right heel.

As the victim regarded himself as a Confucian man of honour or a "junzi" who practises chivalry and never takes advantage of anyone suffering a mishap, he leaped into the water to save the Psycho in spite of his life-and-death situation.

After the Psycho was pulled out of the water, he asked his victim: "How do you know the secret of my Achilles heel?"

The victim laughed: "Since you often accuse my people of stealing jobs from your tribe in addition to cybertheft and all other crimes under the heavens, I am sure you won't be surprised if I claim to know you inside out including your Achilles heel." :)
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Oct 2019
San Bernardino, CA
"Rollback" will happen ONLY if China makes MAJOR concessions, which indeed will be a major breakthrough! :cool:
Jun 2013
"Rollback" will happen ONLY if China makes MAJOR concessions, which indeed will be a major breakthrough! :cool:
If Trump and his team really think they are winning, why waste their time negotiating? Don't you agree that they are stupid not to raise tariffs on all Chinese goods to 100% or even 1000% instead? That would be a major breakthrough. :D
Jun 2013
Because that will not STOP the intellectual property theft.
Please check your pockets every day to find out whether you have been pickpocketed by any Chinese in the street. Don't you think how useless you are if you can't even look after your own property?

Anyway, get your "good brain" president to increase the China tariffs to 2,000%. :)