Save america

Jul 26, 2009
Opa Locka
I'm hesitant. He sounds like a fascist with the since to not be obvious. On the other hand, he might just be an overzealous nationalist that couldn't paint a clear picture of himself in just 10 short points.

I'll certainly give this guy a fair hearing, and withhold judgment until I know better what this guy is really about.

All in all I found myself agreeing with his points and not his rhetoric. Any other opinions?
Dec 11, 2009
He's crazy, but at least he realizes that the costs of the wars are ridiculous and that you can in fact spend by cutting down on war. Having said that, a few of his things are unrealistic, so I can't really see myself voting for him if I was eligible. I don't really agree with his points about immigration, considering when the "immigrants" prosper, they will end up creating new jobs anyways. Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's just my rather globalist, "Cultural Mosaic" upbringing vs. a radical nationalist. I don't know.