Sightings Of Ghosts

Nov 2017
FL Treasure Coast & South Central FL
Got any thoughts on the subject? :unsure:

Personally, I have not seen one, nor believe anyone really has. But if anyone ever really saw one, then it would have to be stark naked, as there is no physical body for clothing to hang on, & be impossible for them to wear some.

Since I've never heard stories of naked ghosts being seen, then obviously each and every ghost sighting story is just plain hooey.

I seem to have quite a knack for looking at everything logically! :cool:

Mar 2011
Rhondda, Cymru
When I was about seven my brother and I were looked after by a woman my Mother hired. At night, when we were in bed, dreadful moaning could be heard on the stairs, and if you went out a figure in a sheet would come crawling up at you. I kept a poker with me, and the next time it happened I bashed it on the head, the haunting stopped and the woman departed. Yet, in our next house, something or someone could be heard walking upstairs. It wasn't creaking of the staircase or anything like that, and it used to walk past my room, so one night I went and stood in the way. There was nothing to see, just the sound going on into the next room. My wife had our first child in that house and wanted to know who walked upstairs. Odd businesss which proves nothing.
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