So-Called "3-D" Printing Of Guns

Nov 2017
FL Treasure Coast & South Central FL
For one thing, one cannot "print" a 3-D gun. It would be made of INK, and cannot possibly work.

One could however, conceivably 3-D FABRICATE one.

3-D printing is a total misnomer. 3-D fabricating is the actual reality of what can & is done. :smug:

As far a 3-D fabricated guns is concerned. It would be soooo much easier and CHEAPER to go to Home Depot to get parts for a crude gun, with same crudeness as a 3DF one.

All you would need is a piece of 2X4, a piece of pipe, a spring, a nail, and some sort of metal straps - voila' a crude gun. :smug: