Stonewall, the new Pope

Dec 2012
United States
After some research....I discovered that one must only be a baptized Catholic to become Pope. That is correct, the Pope must not be an ordained Priest. He or she does not have to be a Cardinal.

So upon further review, I have decided to send my resume. I mean, why not?

And as new Pope.......there will be some new...Vatican Policies.

1) We're gonna change the Nun outfits....shorter habits...

2) We're moving Vatican City to the Caribbean

3) The child abuse scandals go away, any Priest involved dismissed.

4) No more dressing in robes.
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Jul 2009
Port St. Lucie
Add priests that can have fun in bed. ;) We wouldn't be having so many gay pedophiles if they were allowed to hook up at the bar after work like the rest of us.

Also make the curia secular again. Things were a bit more open (keeping in mind it was the Middle Age, so relatively speaking) when the Roman Senate elected the Pope and not a bunch of priests with their power bases in the Church to worry about.

And any links? I was under the impression they had to vote from amongst themselves.

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