Tax cuts and jobs act.

Oct 7, 2012
doom...despair...and agony...on me.

Trump, GOP tax plan: Companies rush to announce special bonuses, pay hikes - Business Insider

Boeing released a statement announcing "immediate commitments for an additional $300 million in investments that will move forward as a result of the new tax law."
They are:
"$100 million for corporate giving, with funds used to support demand for employee gift-match programs and for investments in Boeing's focus areas for charitable giving: in education, in our communities, and for veterans and military personnel.
"$100 million for workforce development in the form of training, education, and other capabilities development to meet the scale needed for rapidly evolving technologies and expanding markets.
"$100 million for "workplace of the future" facilities and infrastructure enhancements for Boeing employees.
Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg said:
"For Boeing, the reforms enable us to better compete on the world stage and give us a stronger foundation for the investment in innovation, facilities and skills that will support our long-term growth."
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Oct 25, 2012
Louisville, Ky
is it possible for business culture to change?

If not for altruism then if for nothing else...insight into its own preservation?
Possible but highly unlikely in this country. We have managed to create a form of capitalism that literally RELIES on human greed and nihilism which has deeply bled into our society....politics, healthcare, industry and even our population to an extent. The very few titans remaining are almost silenced under the struggle for more.
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Nov 24, 2016
Victoria, BC
I find this back of an envelope appoach to taxation and peoples lives is just taking the piss. Do they seriously think that money will "trickle down" to the economy?
No, of course they don't "seriously" think it will trickle down --- but that will certainly not stop the the oligarch looters from bellowing forth from all their channels of misinformation that it will trickle down.
Nov 21, 2017
Behind the 8 ball
No, of course they don't "seriously" think it will trickle down --- but that will certainly not stop the the oligarch looters from bellowing forth from all their channels of misinformation that it will trickle down.
It will be more like "gushing down" (and all directions frankly). :cool:
Oct 7, 2012
Don't look now...more winning:

TRUMPONOMICS: Walmart Hikes Wages, Shells Out Bonuses, And More, Because Of GOP Tax Cut

The economy under President Donald Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress is firing on all cylinders. Immediately following the passing of the GOP tax plan in the House, numerous businesses announced plans to grow their companies and compensate their employees with bonuses and higher wages due to the newly freed-up cash.
One of the latest businesses reacting to the GOP tax plan is retail giant Walmart, which announced on Thursday that it will increase their minimum wage and hand out bonus checks to their hourly workers. U.S. employees of Walmart will now see their hourly wage kicked up to $11 an hour, and workers will also be receiving bonus checks of up to $1,000.
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Oct 7, 2012
Several big companies giving bonuses and raises based on Trump's tax plan.

I honestly give some credit to the Bernie/socialist crowd. I think that business is terrified of the decimation a socialist president would do to them. So they are wising up and "sharing the wealth" in some regards.

Self-preservation makes sense.

In essence they are telling employees, "See capitalism works...stick with it!"
Oct 7, 2012
Apple CEO Tim Cook cites GOP tax reform as driver in $350B US investment

Speaking with ABC News' "World News Tonight with David Muir," Cook discussed the intricacies of Apple's forthcoming investment, which will incur a foreign tax bill of $38 billion.

Earlier on Wednesday, Apple foreshadowed a major shift in financial policy when it announced
plans to repatriate a portion of its overseas cash hoard, a move that will pump $350 billion into the U.S. economy. That money will in part go toward a new campus and the generation of 20,000 jobs.

The company expects to pay $38 billion in taxes on the repatriated funds, a sum it says is the largest ever of its kind.

In a one-on-one with reporter Rebecca Jarvis, Cook explained that recent U.S. tax policy changes allowed for the huge capital commitment. Still, the executive insists that some changes, perhaps the grant of
employee stock bonuses, would have been made "in any situation."

"Let me be clear, there are large parts of this that are a result of the tax reform, and there's large parts of this that we would have done in any situation," Cook said.

Jarvis suggested President Trump's tax bill is a "huge windfall" for Apple, a statement Cook did not directly refute.

"There are two parts of tax bill, there's a corporate piece and an individual piece," Cook explained. "I do believe the corporate tax side will result in job creation and a faster growing economy."

Just prior to the ABC News exclusive, Trump
tweeted out a message taking credit for Apple's announced investments.

"I promised that my policies would allow companies like Apple to bring massive amounts of money back to the United States. Great to see Apple follow through as a result of TAX CUTS. Huge win for American workers and the USA!" Trump wrote.

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