The American constitutional republic is crumbling

Jun 2013
1. The current President of the United States is not compatible with a constitutional republic. The two cannot coexist. Day by day, Donald Trump, American president, is laying waste to the pillars of democracy, determined to destroy any institution that might provide a check on his power or an avenue to hold him accountable for what he has done.

2. Let us look at some incredible happenings in the US since the emergence of Donald Trump in the 2016 election:

(a) An evangelical Christian-backed Republican pimp Dennis Hof, 72, could win his race for the Nevada state legislature in 2018 even though he passed away three weeks ago. In other words, the voters were not voting for any living candidate of good moral character but for the party. Under such circumstances, a party could still win an election even if it uses anything to represent a candidate such as a corpse, a dummy, a statue, a coffin, a rock, an animal, etc, knowing the voters would vote for it regardless of the academic qualifications and moral character of the candidate.

(b) Calling himself the "Trump of Pahrump" after the town where he lived in Nevada, Hof embraced Trump as something of a spiritual model for his 2018 run. He even borrowed the spirit of Trump's "MAGA" slogan for his own, "Make Nevada Nevada Again."

It would be a great achievement for anybody if he could be an inspiration to millions of people worldwide. However, if he could inspire pimps or other immoral characters, something must have gone terribly wrong. The unflattering implication is: "If such a guy can become the head of state, why can't I or anyone else of my character?"

(c) As a supposedly "model democracy", is it a big joke to elect a guy, who "has made 4,229 false or misleading claims in 558 days", as the head of state?

(d) Is it laughable to elect a guy, who "has broken the law for much of his adult life and gotten away with it", to the highest office in the supposedly "model democracy"?

Is it equally laughable that the guy can still break the law while "occupying the most heavily scrutinized office in the history of the world"?

P.S. It does not matter whether there is any collusion between Trump and Putin in the 2016 election. It won't be surprising that Putin would be rolling on the ground with laughter at the harm inflicted by Trump on US democracy.

On the bright side, the dead pimp's victory once again proved the old adage that "America is the land of opportunity where anything can happen". In other words, there is no lack of opportunity for Americans even when they are dead. :)

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