The benefits of warming our planet.

Jul 2009
Opa Locka
It would seem we humans have managed an amazing feat, we may very well have prevented the next natural Ice Age regardless of what the cosmos and orbital dynamics/Planetary axial tilt designate....yeah us.

I just hope we didn't push it too far.
The natural state of this planet is tropical (we're in an ice age interglacial period) but what we did was WAY too fast. The last time we had a runaway greenhouse 97% of all life was wiped out and we're warming 2k times faster than that. Our technology will save us but everything more complicated than moss that isn't domesticated (and thus protected by the aforementioned technology) is ****ed.

We past the point of no return almost a decade ago so the best we can hope for now without outright terraforming the planet is damage control.
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