The Dimms Are LOSING To Trump On The ACTUAL Issues Americans Care About

Dec 2018
Tempe, AZ

To win, the Democrats need to be more like Trump

Beyond hating the president, the party has little to offer. That needs to change if they want success in 2020

The difficulty the Democrats face is not in the details, but the big picture: voters want to know whether a party means war or peace, not what little mind games its leaders think they can play with foreign powers. Democrats have a hell of a problem answering this big-picture question: just look at the vote on Congress’s recent resolution to affirm keeping troops in Syria and Afghanistan. Most Democrats voted in favor of the resolution; most of the party’s prospective presidential nominees, however, opposed it. The strongest position a Democrat can run on in 2020 would be one that says Trump is right but he has not gone far enough – that America needs Trump’s policies without the Trump’s administration’s neocon personnel. :D:D:D

To win, the Democrats need to be more like Trump | Spectator USA