The G20 and the United States.

Oct 2012
Louisville, Ky

Leaders of the Group of 20 have pledged to fix the world trading system after difficult, all-night talks in the Argentine capital, but only 19 of them agreed to support the Paris accord on fighting climate change, with the United States the lone holdout.

Key points:
  • European Union officials say the US was the main holdout on nearly every issue
  • The 19 nations that are signatories to the Paris climate accord reiterate their commitment to it, while the US reiterates its decision to withdraw
  • Angela Merkel says "everyone agrees that the WTO should be reformed"

The official summit statement acknowledges flaws in global commerce and calls for reforming the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

It does not mention the word "protectionism," however, after negotiators said that had met resistance from the United States.

Applause broke out in the summit hall as the leaders, including US President Donald Trump, signed off on a final statement at the end of a two-day summit.

The non-binding agreement was reached after talks by diplomats stretched overnight and into daylight on Saturday, amid deep divisions between member nations.

European Union officials said the United States was the main holdout on nearly every issue.​
Should we even bother anymore?

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