The Great MARCH Forward.The Great Leap Backwards.


Banned Camp
Jul 20, 2013
The 50th. anniversary of the great 1963 civil rights march where the featured speaker was MLK, brought to mind mao tse tung's great leap and great march forward some years earlier. Mao had a way of getting things done on time ;and looking at the social and economic conditions prevailing at the time in China .I think he helped to accomplish a prodigious feat in the realm of geo- political and economic transformation.

Today china is the world's 2nd. largest economy and the present government continues to perform what in other countries would be considered economic miracles; the necessity of providing employment for 25 million new workers annually and the herculean task of feeding 1.3 billion people their daily bread.

In america today,50 years after the now famous : "I have a dream speech " which remains the pedestal of the day's events in Washington 50 years ago , the black people remain mired in the same depravity and dysfuntion they existed under then. Some would argue ,myself included ,that Blacks are far worse off today then they were in 1963 .

The words spoken by MLK referring to the hope that African-Americans would be judged by the quality of their character and not the color of skin flies in the face of current reality where Affirmative Action Laws are enforced almost as vigorously as rape and car jacking laws ,and other acts of violence.
If these words of MLK are regarded as prophetic then they must be seen for what they are ; the words of a false prophet!

Mlk ,to be sure, had no political ambitions ;he preferred the role of a power broker .His forte was the presidential meeting ,and the sense of empowerment that came from his keen ability to arm twist the chief executive[what a joke]!!

For Mlk, the senate or governor's office was small potatoes ;given the political restraints that are inherent in political office ;but his role as mass power broker controlling the thoughts of tens of millions of brutes in the African-American community was enough power to frighten even the toughest police chiefs and even the most popular of presidents.

This position was ready made for MLk . This was the role he was born to play on the american stage.

Threats, intimidation, demands for the free access to the treasury ,this was heady stuff for the popular black community organizer;but only proved with terrifying certainty ,that this nation is not ruled by democratic principles ,but by the fist and the blackjack; by the principles which every racketeer understands ; the double noosed political strategy of extortion and blackmail.
Perfected by the Jewish world plague for the benefit of the mindless and bloodthirsty brutes in the minority communities of America.
Despite billions spent to improve social and economic conditions for Blacks they still remain basically as they were 50 years ago ;only the legal ability for Whites to defend themselves has been taken away.
Despite over a hundred federally endorsed programs specifically designed to lift Blacks in all areas of economic development and place them at the head of the line , Blacks still cannot shake loose the mindset of violence and primitivism ,still prevalent in most countries in Africa.
And in areas where Blacks still catch their dinner at the end of a spear.

No. Mlk did not truly believe that Blacks should be seen by content of character and not by color. Mlk would've happily accepted every affirmative action program the traitors and cowards in the congress offered him.
In Mlk's mind ,what he meant was, that Whites should not view all Blacks as violent or as serial rapists ,but only the majority ,while allowing opportunities for the decent African- Americans to integrate into the white culture. this is what he really meant!!

And while China marches forward ,the American people remain in lock step with those social forces whose only aim is the political annihilation of America followed by its economic destruction.
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