The Relevance of President Trump's Visit to China

May 2012
The motherland

Trump is getting soft on China because of Ivanka, whose daughter is learning Chinese. Ivanka is acting as a foreign policy advisor, which is making the Trump administration more respectable.

In Beijing, he stood next to President Xi Jinping without a single word of criticism.
But his visit to China stands out to me as the most telling leg of this trip. It was the one place where things went a little differently for Mr Trump.
Yes, there was an extraordinary welcome laid on for him, and pomp and ceremony that rivalled - even outdid - anywhere else.
But it was not President Xi with gushing compliments about his guest, but the other way around.
Mr Trump played a video of his granddaughter singing in Mandarin, he called Xi Jinping "a very special man" and told the Chinese president his "people were very proud of him".
There was little in the way of personal praise that came back though. In Beijing, there was no chance of Donald Trump being called the "Leader of the World".
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