This is why national numbers matter in a Primary.

Jul 2009
Opa Locka
I don't see it because I have an education.

Bernie the bigot cannot beat Trump if Hillary beats him. And Hillary is kicking his white haired wrinkled grandma ass.

People do not leap frog over front runners and start national elections before the first primary votes are cast.

But by all means, enjoy your acid trip. Those of us with jobs who DON'T do drugs will just sit here and laugh.
Sanders is polling better than Obama did at this point in the race (and has done so the entire time). Obama beat Hillary. This is a Primary, it's the state numbers that matter, not national and Sanders has Iawa and NH locked down. If he can ride the momentum those victories give him into AZ, it'll be a repeat of Obama's performance. So no, Hillary doesn't have the nomination locked down, though I can see why you wish it was so.

I love how you think you can get away with your silent majority crap yet reject the actual numbers out of hand when they disagree with you. :rolleyes:

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