Time to Get Rid of the Export/Import Bank

Dec 2018
Mechanicsville, VA
It is time to get rid of the Export-Import Bank if you want to help reduce the national debt as according to the Congressional Budget Office if the bank were to use fair-value accounting principles, the Bank would cost taxpayers $2 billion over a decade.

Also the Export-Import Bank is a breeding ground for corruption and abuse. It’s time to end this program and level the economic playing field.

Ex-Im allows the government to pick winners and losers, favoring a few companies at the expense of many others.

A recent study from the Mercatus Center proved what we’ve known all along: businesses don’t need the Export-Import Bank in order to succeed.

Because the renewal of the bank is now up before Congress we can take the first step toward unrigging our economy by ending this government favoritism through writing your Congressional delegation as well as the Speaker of The House, Nancy Pelosi, and Majority Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell to not improve its renewal

We need to do everything in our power to reduce the national debt NOT INCREASE IT.
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