Today's delusion, tomorrow's reality for Taiwan after Tsai's victory

Jun 2013
After winning second term in landslide over her KMT opponent, Tsai Ing-wen vowed that Taiwan will never be unified with China as long she is in power. Taiwanese separatists will have to pray very hard for Tsai to declare herself Messiah like Donald Trump or stay in power for at least for a thousand years (Banzai!!) to be the defender of the island's independence.

Using an analogy of a crawling snail and a prancing elephant for the relations between Taiwan and mainland China, the snail tells the elephant: "I live in fear lest my home and body be flattened by your foot."

Or taking a leaf out of the 16th century Chinese novel "Journey to the West", the Buddha told the Monkey King: "Keep monkeying around while you still have the chance, even peeing right at my finger, but you can never move an inch from my grasp even if you flee to the edge of the world."

The Buddha added: "I have all the patience, resolve and confidence in the world to wait for several centuries, even 500 years, for your initiation into Buddhist monkhood." :)