Trudeau Having Tough Slog In India

Nov 2017
FL Treasure Coast & South Central FL
It is only going to get WORSE with the latest fiasco! :giggle:

Support for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government continues to slip as it enters the third year of its mandate, a new Nanos survey shows.

The share of Canadians who described the federal government’s performance as either “poor” or “very poor” climbed to 39 per cent from 33 per cent last year, and 23 per cent in 2015, according to a survey by Nanos Research and the Institute for Research on Public Policy released on Monday.
Nov 2016
Victoria, BC
I always knew that Trudeau was a second-rate liar and scoundrel (not a first-rate sociopath criminal like Trump).

I was not surprised that he welshed on his promise to bring in proportional representation.

However, we are likely to bring in proportional representation here in British Columbia.

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