Trump and Russia

Nov 2016
Victoria, BC
Well, the Papadopoulos and Manafort are hitting the fan, and where they will spray, nobody knows.

We can be sure they will twist, slowly, in the wind until they name names, and so the tale will unfold. Much the same thing happened with John What's-His-Name when Nixon began to fall.

Everyone seems to have forgotten Wilbur Ross, Sec. of Commerce, and his money laundering with the Russian Oligarchs through the Bank of Cyprus.

I am reminded of Stalin's show trials in the 1930's, except in the USA the torture is less physical (at least, if you are a member of the upper classes), and as befits a "democratic" society, both Republicans and Democrats will have their "separate but equal" show trials --- the Repubs will do unto the Others as the Dems have done unto them --- I see it already forming in gossip about Fusion GPS and lawfirm Perkins-Coie doing the Democrat's dirty work with the Russians.

Get out your chemicalized popcorn and poisonous sugar-drinks, folks --- it should be very entertaining as these whiffs from the cesspool of Oligarch manipulation of American "democracy" turn into miasma when the cover of the cesspool is fully removed!
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