Trump Appears to Be Lying Again

Jun 2013
1. Donald Trump is in a tough spot. You see, his trade war with China is hurting the economy just like everyone said it would, which is threatening to push the United States into a recession....

And while we would never suggest that the president was lying to give the markets hope after single-handedly tanking the Dow on Friday and then laughing about it, others are not so trusting.....

2. Sure enough, the Dow's 121 points drop on Tuesday proved the writer is right in her assessment that Trump "describes fictional phone calls with Beijing and claims that a trade deal is all but in the bag".

Whenever the Dow falters, Trump or his aides would come out to calm the stock markets by claiming that China has no choice but to come back to the negotiating table. To Donald Trump, the performance of the stock markets is synonymous with the health of the economy.

Unless Donald Trump, Peter Navarro, Republican Latino Senator Marco Rubio and other US extremists learn a bitter lesson that they can never force their Asian rival into submission by whatever means, the so-called trade war will continue amid seemingly endless trade talks that give false hope and optimism to the stock markets. :)
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Dec 2018
Tempe, AZ
LOL!!! Stock Market WAY up this A.M. to open! Up 300+ points!

You are pissing into the wind my friend.