Trump denies agreeing with China on tariff rollback

Jun 2013
1. Donald Trump on Saturday claimed to have “broken” a key part of the Chinese economy “like an egg”, but said trade talks were nonetheless proceeding “very nicely”.

The US would only make a deal to end its dispute with Beijing, he said, if the deal was right for America....

On Friday, in comments that hit stock prices and the dollar, Trump said he had not agreed to a tariff rollback. “I haven’t agreed to anything,” he told reporters then....

2. Using the "Psycho" analogy to depict Trump's contradictory statements, the victim asked: "When will be the next phase of our duel?"

"About three months later," replied the Psycho.

"Why take so long?" asked the victim.

"Well, you can see that my right leg is swollen after you kicked my Achilles heel. I need at least three months to recuperate from my heel injury."

The victim smiled: "I think you will have to rest for another three months after the next duel. I am sure you would expect me to attack your right heel again in the next phase."

The Psycho laughed: "You won't have any chance to attack my vulnerable point because you will be bound hand and foot in the next phase of our duel."

Looking very surprised, the victim exclaimed: "That is not phase two but phase four! How can you skip to phase four at once? You didn't say that you are going to place me in leg shackles, only handcuff me in the second phase of the duel."

The Psycho shouted angrily: "I remember very clearly that I said you would be bound hand and foot in the second phase of the duel. If there is any deviation from the truth, it must either be fake news or something wrong with your ears. Whatever it is, the next phase will be on my terms."

The victim said: "Whatever denial or term you make on our duel, I hope you and your advisers will honour the commitments to roll back all existing tariffs."

The Psycho exclaimed: "Stop putting out any disinformation like that in private or public. Don't try to push me in your direction. I haven’t agreed to anything."

The victim retorted: "You are lying."

The Psycho shouted angrily: "Rubbish! It's unthinkable for a man of honour like me to tell even a single lie."

The victim replied: "But according to a reliable source, you have made 13,435 false or misleading claims in 993 days." :)

The Psycho exclaimed: "Fake news! Fake news! Fake news everywhere! I have broken a key part of your tribe's economy like an egg, but the trade talks are nonetheless proceeding very nicely. I will only make a deal to end my dispute with you, if the deal is right for my tribe. What’s on the table is tariffs coming in December 15. It's up to me to postpone those tariffs, but not roll back any existing tariffs."
Oct 2019
San Bernardino, CA
He's doing an outstanding job on the economy, and the efforts on China trade are part of it. :cool: