Trump isn't really bad, he's cursed.

Jul 26, 2009
Opa Locka
There's an old proverb, "Be careful what you wish for becuase you might get it."

Long ago Trump was cursed to win in all things. After decades of having horrible things happen to him due to disastrous victories, several failed marriages and general disdain chief among them, he decided to do something so outlandish he'd either break the curse or force everyone to realize that something was wrong with reality and finally revive help in freeing himself.

And so he decided to run for president, a position he had 0 qualifications for. He ran on a ridiculous platform. He committed political suicide at every chance. He ignored key demographics so that if the curse conspired to hand him victories he'd still come short of the necessary votes. He even warned people he'd achieve horrific victories they'd grow to lament as much as he had.

He failed. His campaigner flourished. He became president without winning the election becuase of the EC. His warning of the curse became a slogan among his supporters. While many rejected his presidency, they did so as political opponents fully accepting the reality of the situation while still others hailed him as the greatest statesmen in American history for his unthinkable underdog victory. Even his attempt to walk away from the whole ordeal and hit 18 in Florida simply resulted in the resort becoming the 'Winter White House'.

Trump is truly cursed and nobody is willing to help him. What an unfortunate man. :giggle:
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