Trump poised to delay auto tariffs on EU and Japan

Jun 2013
1. President Donald Trump is poised to delay a decision by up to six months to impose auto tariffs to avoid blowing up negotiations with the EU and Japan and further antagonizing allies as he ramps up his trade war with China, according to people close to the discussions.

Trump faces a May 18 deadline over how to proceed with his threat to slap a tariff of as much as 25% on imported cars and parts in the name of U.S. national security.
Trump Mulls 6-Month Window for EU, Japan to Curb Auto Sales...

2. Trump's postponement of auto tariffs on the EU and Japan shows that he is not the almighty demigod he has been trying to portray to his followers.

Let us take a realistic look at Trump's miscalculation in the US-Sino trade war:

(a) Like the crafty serpent deceiving Eve in the Garden of Eden, Trump always says sweet words about his Chinese counterpart, for instance: “My respect and friendship with President Xi is UNLIMITED."

Here is another example: "I have GREAT RESPECT for President Xi. That’s why we’re being so nice. And we have a GREAT RELATIONSHIP..."

(b) To Donald Trump, there is no such thing as an equal, fair settlement or a win-win trade deal. He needs nothing less than a historic victory to CRUSH a country consisting of about one fifth of humanity with over 2,000 years of civilization to maintain his demigod image among his sheepish followers in order to win the 2020 reelection.

(c) Even if he succeeds to wring all the concessions he demands from China, his long list of woes for China will never end. For instance, he signed an executive order yesterday (May 15) declaring a national emergency and barring US companies from using telecommunications equipment made by Huawei Technologies.

Under the Trump administration, the US has made many hostile moves against China such as pressuring all other countries to ban Huawei from their markets; restricting Chinese students, researchers, investments and takeovers in the US; using gunboat diplomacy in the Taiwan Strait and sending warships to the South China Sea, etc.

(d) Even if Trump raises his tariffs to astronomical levels, they are still an "ant bite" as compared to his other aggressive moves which are "snakebites" to China. Like a python coiling itself about the prey, tightening slightly with each breath the prey takes, the US could ultimately demolish Chinese high-tech industry without resistance or retaliation from China. It is high time for China to include the discussion of other US hostile moves in the trade talks.
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