Trump Says China Wants a Trade Deal "Very Badly"

Jun 2013
1. BIARRITZ, France/BEIJING -- U.S. President Donald Trump said Monday that China had lost "much more than 3 million jobs" in recent months and that President Xi Jinping has no choice but to agree to a trade deal with the U.S....

Earlier in the day, Trump had said "China called, last night, our top trade people," and that they had proposed to resume talks. "So we'll be getting back to the table," Trump told reporters on the final day of the G-7. The comments reversed a potential sell-off on Wall Street Monday morning, sending the Dow Industrial Average up over 250 points....

Meanwhile, at the G-7 closing press conference, Trump said that China's supply chain is "breaking like nobody has seen before," and that the longer China waits, the harder it will become to put it back into place....

2. Suggesting his pressure had brought China back to the negotiating table, Trump said that his Chinese counterpart had no choice but to agree to a trade deal with the US.

Using the "Psycho" analogy, the victim has no choice but to walk "calmly and obediently" under pressure to the dental chair without waiting for the anesthesia to take effect for the Psycho to extract all his teeth. After the first torture, the victim would be brought not to the negotiating table but the operating table for the extraction of all his finger nails, toe nails, beard, moustache and hair.

Meanwhile, outside the doorway of the torture chamber, a large group of psychos could be heard shouting: "Gouge out his eyes! Cut off his nose! Cut off his tongue! Amputate his limbs! Bleed him dry! Remove all his organs!"

3. Mind you, Donald Trump, Peter Navarro, Latino Republican Senator Marco Rubio and other US bipartisan extremists demand nothing less than the so-called structural reforms from China in the so-called trade negotiation. This means that China will be brought back to the era of the past few centuries, ending up in absolute poverty and backwardness without any modern infrastructure and industrial base to rival America.