Trump Testimony Timeline.

When will Trump hit the stand?

  • December 2017

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  • January 2018

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  • February 2018

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  • March 2018

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  • April 2018

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  • May 2018

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  • Independence Day 2018

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  • ....other....I'll explain

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Oct 2012
Louisville, Ky
As this has moved into the final stage, I am curious to see when everyone anticipates the final boot hits the Big Dog. I expect it goes something like this:

Kushner~ late October-November.
Manifort~ Early November-December.
Flynn~ November-December
Misc. staff in December
Sessions~ Late December-January
Trump~ February through May

What say you?
Feb 2013
just past the moons of Jupiter
Love him or hate him I bet he's not out of the office until 2024. That is dependent on whether or not he manages to break ground on his wall. I think that if it doesn't happen will be his Waterloo.

But the Russian collusion doesn't involve Trump. If trigger is pulled and we find out for sure that there is no collusion between Trump and the Russians it will do one of two things the people pushing for this will double down and say that the Judiciary is corrupt and they're in cahoots with the Russians or they will lose all credibility.

Criticize the man real things. On his failure to get a bill passed to get rid of Obamacare, the DACA fiasco, the wall. Whatever he's by no means a perfect man. I wouldn't even consider him a good president.

But it's like the same thing with George W bush. There are people that still insist he didn't win the election. There are people that insisted he went to Iraq for purposes other than finding weapons of mass destruction.

People clutch on these conspiracy theories and I'm wondering if they are planted by the candidates themselves just to get you off the scent.

We saw it with Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

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