Trump, "the Chosen One" to confront China over trade

Jun 2013
1. US President Donald Trump on Wednesday (21 August) said he was "the chosen one" to address trade imbalances with China, even as congressional researchers warned that his tariffs would reduce US economic output by 0.3 per cent in 2020....

"I am the chosen one ... so I am taking on China. I'm taking on China on trade. And you know what? We're winning," Trump said, claiming a title often used to refer to religious figures such as Jesus Christ and the prophet Muhammad....

2. As seen in a TV news bulletin, Trump took a glance at the sky after claiming to be the “Chosen One" for addressing trade imbalances with China. Many people may be curious to know whether he saw God smiling approvingly at him from behind the clouds. :cool: Let us take note of the following contradictions in his statements.

(a) If Trump is really chosen by God to mount a trade war with China, is there any need for him to keep phoning to his Chinese counterpart for negotiation? His life would be easier without doing anything because he can simply leave it up to God to finish the job for him. :)

(b) "And you know what? We're winning," Trump said. If you are winning, what is the point of having a negotiation? Using a favourite catchphrase of his followers, we may ask Trump: "Are you tired of winning?"

3. Another contradiction can be found in Trump's oft-repeated warning that "trade with China cannot be a ''50-50'' deal, and that he would only settle for an agreement that favours the US". Who is so idiotic to negotiate with you if you rule out any "50-50" deal?

Since Trump is bent on winning, all his negotiation partners are destined to be losers. Then why does Trump keep pestering China for a deal? One possible explanation is that he is hoping that his dialogue partner may crack under pressure in the long-drawn-out negotiations at an interrogation table rather than a negotiating table.

4. It must be pointed out that Trump has gradually become a lame duck or a "bounced cheque" in the trade talks. Bipartisan extremists like Latino Republican Senator Marco Rubio will be ready to enact legislations to ensure he is back on the course if he backtracks in the trade talks. :oops:

Regardless of whether the White House incumbent is a "ferocious tiger" or a "paper tiger", China must deal him a crushing blow in the so-called trade war, otherwise future US presidents will pursue the same anti-China campaign, thus prolonging the great power rivalry between the two countries to several centuries and increasing the risk of a global economic holocaust.
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